Vendor Inspections / Third Party Inspection Services

Inspectors & Engineers Co. Ltd has the proven ability to protect client interests in their procurement of components by providing vendor inspection services conducted by qualified Inspectors and Engineers throughout Ghana and West-Africa at large The object of the service is –

• To provide control at the manufacturer or sub-contractors premises of the quality of workmanship and conformity of manufactured equipment with the purchase specifications, applicable drawings, codes or standards.
• To identify the cost effective test plan which will determine the level of I&E involvement.
• To apply to the plan rigidly, monitored inspection stages will secure the level of cover required i.e.
• Testing and Checking of Materials
• Witnessing of Performance Tests
• Welding Inspection
• Dimensional Control
• Shop Inspection during Fabrication and Assembly
• Pre-Shipment Inspection
• Loading and Unloading Supervision
• Supplier Survey and Source Inspections