Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) covers a wide group of analysis techniques used to evaluate the properties of a material, part, product, weld, or system without causing damage. It is a commonly-used tool in forensic engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, systems engineering, aerospace and aeronautical engineering, and medical applications. The terms Non Destructive Examination (NDE), Non Destructive Inspection (NDI), and Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) are also commonly used to describe this testing methodology.

Element’s Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services are designed to comply with a wide variety of industry standards, government contracts, military specifications and at times unique customer requirements. We use ASNT Central Certification Program (ACCP), SNT-TC-1A certified technicians and Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs) to deliver a full range of Level III NDT services to assist our clients in their material or product qualification testing, quality assurance and audit programs.

Our NDT laboratories utilize a wide variety of advanced equipment capable of performing quality inspections for virtually any form of ferrous or non-metallic material, component, or assembly, both in the laboratory and in the field. The NDT methods we most commonly use include Ultrasonic inspection (UT), Magnetic Particle (MT), Liquid Penetrant (LP), Radiographic Inspection (RT), Visual Inspection (VT), Hardness Testing (HD) and Eddy Current Testing (ET). We also provide Immersion Ultrasonic Testing (IUT) Phased Array Testing (PAUT) Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR) services.